Swap Out These Hidden Health Drainers

Swap Out These Hidden Health Drainers

These suggestions may seem too simple, but I promise you that if you start making these changes today, they will add up big time for your long-term health and wellness. Pick one, master it, and then move on to the next for better health!


I stress the quality of the water you drink all the time, especially in my book, SuperLife. (Read more about water quality). But it doesn’t do you any good to be meticulous about clean, filtered water if you are drinking it from toxic water bottles or cheap glasses.

A simple swap for better health that goes a long way is upgrading the water bottle or glass you are drinking from. Seriously, throw away the cheap plastic cup you got from McDonald’s 10 years ago. Yes, that one. In fact, throw away all your plastic cups. Instead, switch to a re-useable water bottle that is food-grade stainless steel or glass in whatever size works best for you.

Eliminate bottled water when you can as well. (I know it isn’t always possible, and staying hydrated is key). We’ve all seen the market switch to “BPA-free” plastic, but the new types of plastic will still contain other chemicals that still get pulled out into your water if you leave the water bottle sitting around a long time or expose it to heat. (Anyone guilty of leaving water bottles in the car on a hot day or let is sit in the sun?). These chemical are possible endocrine disrupters, which mess up your hormones.  Ditch the plastic every chance you get. It’s an instant health upgrade – and good for the environment.



A simple way to start getting your taste buds adjusted to cleaner, whole food choices (the hallmark of a SuperLife lifestyle) is by starting with your snacks. We all know that we need to overhaul our meals from processed foods, but that can be too daunting at first, so start simple and switch your snacks! Instead of buying a processed, chemical-filled, dead granola bar, chips, or candy bar, plan ahead and pack delicious and satisfying snacks such as cut-up mango with nuts or seeds, avocado sprinkled with salt and pepper spread on gluten-free rice cakes, or plain coconut or almond yogurt with strawberries. Watch your taste buds, cravings, and waist line change with this one simple switch and keep going for there! Need more inspiration, check out these delicious recipes for quick snack options.


This one might surprise you. Yes, fiber isn’t sexy, but it is an important step to better health! It keeps your digestion and detoxification regular. Without regular bowel movements (at least one a day, if not more), then the toxins that were supposed to come out of your body with the bowel movement (that’s what a bowel movement is: your body collecting and removing toxins), those toxins start to get reabsorbed. No thanks. This messes up your digestive system, makes you bloat, builds inflammation, and even creates food intolerances and insulin resistance.

You keep all this at bay when you pack your diet full of high-fiber foods. Think this couldn’t possibly be you? General estimates show that less than 5 percent of Americans are eating the daily recommended amount of dietary fiber. A simple way to boost your fiber is by adding in raw fruits and veggies daily.


How many hours a day do you sit? It is estimated the average individual sits about 9.3 hours a day. In our modern lifestyle it is hard to get away from sittings for long hours. The problem is how your body unconsciously reacts and adapts to prolonged sitting. Even working out doesn’t save you. Research has found that sitting for more hours of the day increases the risk of developing colon cancer, endometrial cancer and lung cancer—regardless of how much people exercised. Various studies have also linked too much sitting to potential risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic diseases, cognitive impairment, kidney, liver, cardiovascular health and early death. Sounds gnarly right? It is, but don’t despair. There is plenty you can do right now.

  • Consciously every 15-20 minutes remind yourself to get up and stretch a bit or walk around even if it’s only a small amount of time. Anything is better than nothing.
  • Replace a chair with wheels with a chair without them. Make yourself get up and move more to get things instead of rolling around seated.
  • When you are sitting down in your car use red lights as a chance to MOVE! Twist, stretch, shake out your arms and legs. Even if it’s just your neck, shoulders, and torso it all adds up.
  • Stand up while talking on the phone and move around.
  • Use your smartphone timer to remind you every 15-20 minutes to get up stretch and move around.
  • Check out even more tips here.

Don’t fall for the lie that you have to make big changes to feel healthier. Easy, consistent changes have a huge impact. Pick one small habit at a time and move on from there!

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